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From plate to filament

What format would you prefer for your semi-finished product?

We produce semi-finished products in a great variety of different formats in our extrusion facility, offering a broad range. We also offer pre-cutting and machining services for individual formats. And, last but not least, we also manufacture custom formats in accordance with your special wishes. Let us guide you! Together we can always find a solution.

You can find an overview of our standard formats here:

Lengths1000 and 3000 mm
Width500/610/1.000/1.220 mm
Height10 to 300 mm
Lengths1.000 and 3.000 mm
Width/height80 to 350 mm
Length2.000 mm
Width1.000 mm
Height1.0 mm to 8 mm
Films (on rolls)
Width1.000 mm
Height0.3 mm to 0.8 mm
Round bars
Lengths1.000 mm and 3.000 mm
Diameter6 mm to 300 mm
Hollow bars
Lengths1.000 mm and 3.000 mm
Outer diameter20 mm to 350 mm
Inner diameter10 mm to 300 mm
Lengths1.000 mm and 3.000 mm
Outer diameter20 mm to 100 mm
Inner diameter10 mm to 80 mm
Filament (on the roll)
Diameter1.75 mm and 2.85 mm


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Individual formats

Can't find your desired format in our standard formats?

Perhaps it would help if we pre-cut or machined your semi-finished product.

Our machinery suite with the latest formatting machines enables individual pre-cutting of round bar stock, hollow bar stock, plates and panels. Our roll-cutting system finishes films in a variety of thickness ranges. Alongside simple pre-cut part, we can also smoothen surfaces of plates by planing and round bars by grinding.

Pre-cutting and mechanical machining

    Special formats

    If you require even more specific formats, we'd be delighted to hear from you!

    Our team of developers and manufacturing experts can also develop individual solutions to suit your particular requirements. Let us advise you with regard to semi-finished products in specific formats! Together we can find a solution.

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